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Attention Artists: Logo contest

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Attention Stark County artists! is looking for someone to create three new pieces of graphic design: a Logo, a Lead Image, and an Icon.

The Logo should be square, ie. H=W, the Lead Image should be H = 1/4 W, and the Icon should be 32 pixels by 32 pixels.

These graphic designs will be used on the cantondailynews web site to identify the site to the rest of the Wild Internet!

Imagine the bragging rights you will have if your design is selected!

Imagine the gratitude that the operator and viewers of the web site will feel towards you for your original contributions!

Imagine that these imaginary rewards are more than enough compensation for your efforts and talents! Because that’s all we can offer at this time. You will be publicly recognized with a by-line and link, if desired.

Please send your ideas to politics at cantondailynews dot com.

Converting the above email address into something usable is your first challenge!

Thanks in advance!


politics at cantondailynews dot com