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June 6th, 2017

Where you been?
I will not attempt to recap the last 8 years, words fail me.
Let’s pick up with the latest tweet…

An alternate explanation – We Need More Taxes!

February 9th, 2009

Here is another explanation for the current economic crisis – NOT ENOUGH TAXES.

Starting in the raygun years, taxation became evil.
The concept of government regulation became evil.
Greed became good.
And responsible, objective journalism died.

We entered the realm of public relations reality, and Ronald Raygun, ex-actor and consummate shill, was the president.

Tax cuts put more wealth into the hands of a few.
Those people bid up the prices of real goods, using their new-found tax cut dollars.

Dot com stocks, real estate, electricity and oil futures, too many dollars bid up the price of limited-quantity items.
Lobbyist dollars bent the politicians who should have regulated financial markets, and ‘wealth creation instruments’, worthless paper transactions that appeared to create new wealth out of thin air, were not only made legal but were given the full faith and backing of the US treasury. So then mountains of paper wealth, together with accumulated tax savings, continued to chase those same limited resources, driving prices into the famous bubbles we have all heard about. The problem with the growth of bubbles is that they have a natural limit, then they break.

The solution is more taxes. If there is LESS money in circulation, prices will HAVE TO COME DOWN. If yuppy yahoos cannot afford to buy up all the affordable housing close to downtown, hoping to ‘flip those houses’ into even more unearned and undeserved wealth, then maybe average people could afford to buy them, and live close enough to work so that they didn’t have to spend 20% of their income for gasoline. Or if commodity speculators with too much cash on hand couldn’t afford to bid up oil futures, the gas wouldn’t cost so much in the first place.

The outrage caused by news of wall street bonuses paid for with taxpayer bailout money has a simple, poetically sweet solution. INCREASE THEIR TAXES. End the tax breaks that pay companies to sponsor trips to spas and resorts.

This is so simple! We need MORE TAXES! Every time you hear some bloviating faux expert telling you why he thinks taxes are evil, imagine how much better things would be if HE paid more taxes and had less money to spend ‘in the market’ driving up the cost of things that you need to survive. Every time one of these anti-tax buffoons speaks, what he is really telling you is that he wants YOU to pay for all public services and conveniences, for the roads, bridges, schools, the army, the police and fire departments, he wants YOU to pay for all that, and he wants YOU to give HIM more money in the form of tax cuts. Get Real!

If you can pay your fair share, then these wealthy freeloaders can pay their share too!

We Need More Taxes!


What they really want

February 9th, 2009

So much is new since the last time I posted here, but so much is still the same…

What do they want, those people who want Obama to fail?

They want to see the end of free market capitalism, and with it, participatory democracy.
They want to see a return to monopolistic feudalism, with repressive social/religious controls thrown in for good measure.

THEY? There is a class of world citizen who are wealthier than any normal American can imagine. They have so much wealth and power that they can no longer communicate with average people. Their thoughts and dreams bear no resemblance to the thoughts and dreams of working people. They are completely insulated from the larger world, by layers of flaks and lackeys, by a self-serving theology that tells them that their ease is well-deserved – even divinely ordained – as is the suffering of others, by media empires that echo their distorted views and suppress alternate interpretations of events; in short, they are out of touch with 99% of the world.

They see an opportunity to change the face of the world order. They smell the scent of total, unlimited control over the world’s resources. They have rehearsed and practiced the roles they hope to assume in the near future – the new world empire, and they shall be the emperors.

They have enough cash on hand to purchase the world. Well, almost. They are waiting for the prices to come down. Actually, they are not just waiting. Like the cartoon buzzard who states “Patience my ass, I’m going to kill something”, these buzzards of wealth have decided that this is the time to destroy the world’s economy, to drive down the prices of real estate both private and public, to destroy organized labor, the public education system, government regulators, systems of taxation – they intend to destroy anything and everything that stands in their way.

And since they own and control all major media outlets, the people hear nothing but doublespeak, the saying of things that are just not so, to the point where the average citizen gets violent if you suggest that perhaps current event are not treating them fairly, and that there might be different ways to address problems.

And so it goes on, day by day, we get ever closer to the collapse of the system, bringing with it the police state, and the end of the democratic experiment. If enough people could talk with each other, help each other see the truth of events that lie behind the clouds of smoke and dust that the media throw up to confuse us, try to get organized, not to resist, the wealth machine is irresistible, but to drop out and construct newer, fairer systems from scratch, create alternatives to the wealth machine, then maybe there is a chance that the democratic experiment might continue a while longer. It’s a slim chance, but then the first mammals were tiny compared to the dinosaurs, weren’t they, and look who won THAT competition!


Economic Scoreboard 12/7/06

December 7th, 2006

This week’s wreckage as reported by the local paper:

Sheriff Sales: 240

Help Wanted Ads: 38

Index: 6.3

Trend: 11/16 – 4.7, 11/23 – 5.0, 11/30 – 5.8, 12/6 – 6.3

Remember – an index of 0 is best. Things are getting worse.

Economic Scoreboard 11/30/06

December 5th, 2006

The CR once again bears bad news.

Number of sheriff sales: 256

Number of help wanted ads: 44

Index: 5.8

I’m sure glad the economy is rebounding!

“Black Friday” explained

November 24th, 2006

I have to give credit to my wife and friend Judy for this idea. She in turn heard various tidbits on NPR and read local newspapers to synthesize her explanation.
Black Friday is the point in the fiscal calendar when a business finally meets all of its expenses and goes ‘into the black’. The outrageous mall rent. Insurance. Minimum wage salaries (and NO BENEFITS) for its horde of ‘part-time’ employees. Cost of good sold (send the check to China, if you please.). Electricity. Advertising. Etc Etc Etc, to quote the king of Siam.
Finally, that greed-possessed mass of brain-washed uber-consumers fills the tills with enough filthy lucre to turn the tide from net loss to net income, and just in the nick of time, too.

What is this tiger whose tail we have grasped so desperately? Will it prove strong enough to pull the majority of Americans into a future of economic well-being?

Nope, sorry. We pay $1 per hour to chinese slave-laborers to make the bulk of our holiday gifts and impulse purchases. We pay central american sweat-shop ladies and girls $.75/hr to make our trendy fashion apparel and must-have geegaws and bling.

Meanwhile, the guy who used to have a $28/hr job at Goodyear or Ford or Republic Steel is eating macaroni and cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while he waits to hear the results of his mortgage foreclosure and his bankruptcy proceedings.

Ho Ho Ho.

Enjoy the spirit of the season.

The only war is class war

November 24th, 2006


Yeah, like he said.

America is a bastard society, composed of mongrels and sports.
We have no basis for tribal, racial or ethnic loyalties, like those healthy societies in the mid-east and Africa.

Instead, we are a ‘rising tides float all boats’ sort of operation where everyone’s self-interest is somehow tied to the general well-being of the entire country. We are ‘the melting pot’, for better or worse.

If the country degenerates into feudalism, then the middle class dies. If the middle class dies, then the source of creativity and innovation that has made us US will also die.

I like making enough money that I can spend time philosophising and puttering around on the farm.
But I see many many people around me in (and am just a few paychecks away from myself,) the state where they cannot afford the luxury of self-expression.

Life carries us along, like leaves downstream, whether we want to go or not.
We do what we can to help our kids and grandkids survive, what more can we do?
We can try to select and promote a system that provides reasonable benefits and safeguards to a reasonable number of people.

In the past, in other countries, this meant fighting alongside your tribe against all outside groups.
This is the biological imperative. In this country however, there is no tribe. If we tried to follow our strictly glandular instincts, we would fractionate into a thousand warring factions. We only have to look at Yugoslavia, Burundi or Iraq to see what happens when a sense of common identity is lost. Is this what we want America to become?

What is the alternative?

Let’s admit that economic classes DO exist.
Let’s get back to the idea that a ‘level playing field’ that favors good ideas over entrenched, inherited, political and economic power, is the best mechanism that we know of so far to engender technological and economic progress.

What does this mean in terms of real decisions?

1) restrict the influence that lobbyists have over legislation
2) restrict the influence that political advertising has over the electorate
3) break up media conglomerates and encourage regional media that are sensitive to regional needs
4) devise an uncorruptable, unfalsifiable, efficient method for voting and mandate its use

Now I know that these goals are vague, and would require actual participation and thought by large numbers of citizens.

The alternative? Line up here, fellow serf, to get your serial number tattoo.

Economic Scoreboard – 11/23/06

November 23rd, 2006

Today’s economic scoreboard from Beautiful Stark County Ohio:

Sheriff sales: 227

Help wanted ads: 45

Index: 5.0

This might look like an improvement over last week, but there were about a dozen foreclosure notices, soon to be sheriff sales.

Another step along the path to the elimination of the middle class and the beginning of feudal society in the 21st century. Who buys all these houses?

Why are we in Iraq?

November 23rd, 2006

All the bullsh!t we hear every day about the ‘fight against terror’, ‘bringing democracy to Iraqi people’, stopping WMDs before we see ‘mushroom clouds over Cleveland’, is just that: BULLSH!T.

Why are we in Iraq? To get the OIL. To make sure we can continue to GET THE OIL in the future. To prevent China from GETTING THE OIL.
Let’s stop the crap and acknowledge what this war is about. It’s not like this is the first war fought to control a vital natural resource. Economic warfare has a long and admirable history. But until we get clear on why we are there, and what our goals really are, we have NO F^CK!NG CHANCE of ‘winning’, whatever that means.

Every time you hear some tv putz bemoan the fact that the ‘war seems unwinnable’, ask yourself WHAT WOULD WINNING THIS WAR LOOK LIKE?

We need to do two things right away in order to improve the situation in Iraq.

1) acknowledge that we’re in it for the oil. Everyone else in the world knows this, it’s only the US public and the robot media crap-spielers who cannot bring themselves to admit this.

2) devise a plan to share the oil income with the Iraqi people. Enlightened self-interest and greed have solved many internecine struggles in the past, why is Iraq different?

The CR could take the lead by announcing this plan to the world, if they weren’t so busy pushing human interest blather, while waiting for the right to come up with Plan B.

Say What?

November 23rd, 2006

Am I the only person who is mystified by the neologism du jour: “Black Friday”?


Where did this piece of crap come from? I have never before in my life heard this term used to describe the Friday after Thanksgiving, and suddenly, every two-bit local newspaper and tv sheiss-flinger is hyping the sales on “Black Friday”.

I guess it’s better than talking about Noe’s 18 year sentence, or Ney’s resignation, or the fact that Ohio STILL does not have a public school funding plan in place.

More drivel for the morons. You’re doing a heck of a job, CR!!