What they really want

So much is new since the last time I posted here, but so much is still the same…

What do they want, those people who want Obama to fail?

They want to see the end of free market capitalism, and with it, participatory democracy.
They want to see a return to monopolistic feudalism, with repressive social/religious controls thrown in for good measure.

THEY? There is a class of world citizen who are wealthier than any normal American can imagine. They have so much wealth and power that they can no longer communicate with average people. Their thoughts and dreams bear no resemblance to the thoughts and dreams of working people. They are completely insulated from the larger world, by layers of flaks and lackeys, by a self-serving theology that tells them that their ease is well-deserved – even divinely ordained – as is the suffering of others, by media empires that echo their distorted views and suppress alternate interpretations of events; in short, they are out of touch with 99% of the world.

They see an opportunity to change the face of the world order. They smell the scent of total, unlimited control over the world’s resources. They have rehearsed and practiced the roles they hope to assume in the near future – the new world empire, and they shall be the emperors.

They have enough cash on hand to purchase the world. Well, almost. They are waiting for the prices to come down. Actually, they are not just waiting. Like the cartoon buzzard who states “Patience my ass, I’m going to kill something”, these buzzards of wealth have decided that this is the time to destroy the world’s economy, to drive down the prices of real estate both private and public, to destroy organized labor, the public education system, government regulators, systems of taxation – they intend to destroy anything and everything that stands in their way.

And since they own and control all major media outlets, the people hear nothing but doublespeak, the saying of things that are just not so, to the point where the average citizen gets violent if you suggest that perhaps current event are not treating them fairly, and that there might be different ways to address problems.

And so it goes on, day by day, we get ever closer to the collapse of the system, bringing with it the police state, and the end of the democratic experiment. If enough people could talk with each other, help each other see the truth of events that lie behind the clouds of smoke and dust that the media throw up to confuse us, try to get organized, not to resist, the wealth machine is irresistible, but to drop out and construct newer, fairer systems from scratch, create alternatives to the wealth machine, then maybe there is a chance that the democratic experiment might continue a while longer. It’s a slim chance, but then the first mammals were tiny compared to the dinosaurs, weren’t they, and look who won THAT competition!


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