An alternate explanation – We Need More Taxes!

Here is another explanation for the current economic crisis – NOT ENOUGH TAXES.

Starting in the raygun years, taxation became evil.
The concept of government regulation became evil.
Greed became good.
And responsible, objective journalism died.

We entered the realm of public relations reality, and Ronald Raygun, ex-actor and consummate shill, was the president.

Tax cuts put more wealth into the hands of a few.
Those people bid up the prices of real goods, using their new-found tax cut dollars.

Dot com stocks, real estate, electricity and oil futures, too many dollars bid up the price of limited-quantity items.
Lobbyist dollars bent the politicians who should have regulated financial markets, and ‘wealth creation instruments’, worthless paper transactions that appeared to create new wealth out of thin air, were not only made legal but were given the full faith and backing of the US treasury. So then mountains of paper wealth, together with accumulated tax savings, continued to chase those same limited resources, driving prices into the famous bubbles we have all heard about. The problem with the growth of bubbles is that they have a natural limit, then they break.

The solution is more taxes. If there is LESS money in circulation, prices will HAVE TO COME DOWN. If yuppy yahoos cannot afford to buy up all the affordable housing close to downtown, hoping to ‘flip those houses’ into even more unearned and undeserved wealth, then maybe average people could afford to buy them, and live close enough to work so that they didn’t have to spend 20% of their income for gasoline. Or if commodity speculators with too much cash on hand couldn’t afford to bid up oil futures, the gas wouldn’t cost so much in the first place.

The outrage caused by news of wall street bonuses paid for with taxpayer bailout money has a simple, poetically sweet solution. INCREASE THEIR TAXES. End the tax breaks that pay companies to sponsor trips to spas and resorts.

This is so simple! We need MORE TAXES! Every time you hear some bloviating faux expert telling you why he thinks taxes are evil, imagine how much better things would be if HE paid more taxes and had less money to spend ‘in the market’ driving up the cost of things that you need to survive. Every time one of these anti-tax buffoons speaks, what he is really telling you is that he wants YOU to pay for all public services and conveniences, for the roads, bridges, schools, the army, the police and fire departments, he wants YOU to pay for all that, and he wants YOU to give HIM more money in the form of tax cuts. Get Real!

If you can pay your fair share, then these wealthy freeloaders can pay their share too!

We Need More Taxes!


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